Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wednesday January 16

My last day of work! Hallelujah! It was supposed to be a quick half day. Obviously we couldn't get all the way to noon without there being a major break down, awesome drama and a nice few hours of work for me. Why the freak out couldn't occur, oh, I don't know, two days earlier, or hell, even two hours earlier, I guess we'll never know. I got things back on track and headed out a cool 3 hours behind schedule. A planner, behind schedule. No one likes that. Lucky for this planner there's behind time already built in. fabulous.

I scrambled home, already missed my tanning appointment with Chris. Yes, we were going to be a mystic tanned bride and groom. Hey, it's January and we need to be photo shoot ready. We tanned. But the Mystic tanner spraying booth was broken. Thank God for built in break down fix it time on Thursday.

The people started arriving in droves. Elisa, Chris' Sister and bridesmaid at 5. My mom, Auntie Jo and sister at 3. Kristin, the Maid of Honor, and Jeremy, a groomsman, at 4 pm. They were able to arrive in Burbank at the exact same time. Duh, because they were on the same flight. I could have sworn I'd asked, but apparently I forgot the answer. They were sitting just a row between each other and didn't know it. Serendipity.

Our tiny little condo was packed and it was fabulous. There were cookies and meatballs (Thank You Ellen!) and deli sandwiches and some kind of marshmellow/frosting/brownie deal that I didn't try until Sunday (because I didn't want to be fat) (Thank You Auntie Jo).

It was the beginning and it was really starting to feel like it.
Mom started to bake the rehearsal dinner cake. A Red Sox cake as a surprise for Chris. Unfortunately I believe that she might be losing her mind and my kitchen is still covered in red velvet cake, and red, white and blue icing. I wish I had the foresight to take a photo of the disaster that was left in my kitchen on both Wednesday night and Friday morning. The cake ended up being beautiful, my kitchen continues to suffer.
My mother, aunt, sister, Kristin and I had a nice quiet evening with some Greek food before calling it a night.
It was my last night in the condo before the mass exodus that would be my moving into the hotel room larger than our condo.

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