Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thursday January 17

Thursday was "Bam Bam Bam" day. The schedule was packed and it was bam bam bam all day. I dragged Kristin along for the ride. She was all kinds of excited about it. We started by taking the wall of shiza that I had collected over the last 15 months to the Roosevelt. I'm sure they were thrilled when I pulled up with an SUV full of crap and made them take it all and store it before my room was ready. Check in is at 3pm. This was 9 am. Whatever, my sales girl said it was cool.

On from the Roosevelt to Starbucks where I figured, as long as I had money shooting out of my orifices I should totally buy a coffee mug. So I did. One that says Los Angeles and has a nice drawing of the downtown skyline. Chris' favorite thing to do is buy me a coffee mug at the airport when he travels for work when he knows he's supposed to get me something cool in each city. We have TONS of coffee mugs and don't drink coffee. Well, all that much at least. However, we've both been to LA and didn't have a coffee mug to say so. Now we do and it's super cute and HUGE. I love HUGE coffee mugs.

Then it was to the Mystic Tan place. Stupid me let a guy named Van convince me that I should get the bronze spray. It seemed good. "I'll sparkle" I thought. It wasn't until after I got out of the booth, realized I'd missed no less than 5 calls from my future husband (for reference, Mystic Tan takes less than 3 minutes. He was freaking out about his own tanning and needed to confirm with me that $35 was not too much to pay for Mystic Tan. God, who are we?!). So, I jump out and call Chris. He informs me that the bronze tanner is a step ABOVE the regular tanner. It's Regular 1, Regular 2, Regular 3, Bronze 1. I'M A BRONZE 1!! Crap! I started to feel like Ross in that episode of friends where he accidently sprays the front 2 times and becomes a 2. Then he goes back to spray the back and accidently sprays the front again. I giggle just thinking about it. :-)

My one trip to the airport is on Thursday and am stoked. Well, super excited that Mary & Tim are coming, but STOKED that I only have to make one LAX run for the 50 out of towners that we have. I'm not quite sure how I got around that, but I guess sometimes it's good to be the bride!

Food. Tux. Nails. Ulta. Target.
(They're going to kill me for posting this photo, but it's the post-nail shot. And it's the only one I've got!)

Elisa, Kristin, Mary, Me & Moira

Home (to find the stuff we left behind). Hotel. Get Sexy. BACHELORETTE PARTY!

Of my 6 maids, 4 of them live somewhere other than LA. So, Thursday was my night of slight debauchery with the ladies. Slight because I refused to be poufy for the wedding extravaganza that was the next 3 days. Refused. Wouldn't do it. Although I perhaps had more liquor than I was planning as evidenced by the many "drunk face" shots throughout the evening.

For example:

It's my signature face when there has been more than a few cocktails and I've been rocking it since college.

I do believe that it was Kristin that coined it the "Drunk Face". She was witness and often instigator of the drunk face, so it is apt that she coined the term. Thank You Dear!

We started the evening at Dolce. They have an amazing private room with seating for 12. Eleven of us dined in style and comfort on fabulous foods and amazing wines. There were toasts and laughter and it was amazing to be surrounded by these 10 women that have so influenced my life. Each at different points in my life. I was honored and stunned.

If I'd have been a smart bride, there would have been a group shot of us. But alas, there are only some small groups.

There were more very wonderful people on the other side of the table, but I don't have a picture of them.

We were able to ditch them "adults" in one swift movement with a shove out of the car door as Elisa slowed to a crawl. I kid. But it was girly time.

The girls had a fabulous little lingerie party (sadly, none of which I wore on my honeymoon. Who thinks "Wow, I'm tired and I was just going to crash. But instead I'm going to put on this frilly negligee and prance for a moment". Not this girl. Thailand is really tiring and I slept a lot.) They wrote me notes about an inside story the two of us shared and I had to guess who the gift was from before I could open it. I HATE shower games and this one was fabulous. Totally embarrassing for me. But lots of laughs and they all seemed to enjoy it. Don't they.

Elisa looks like she's asleep. Is Mary sending an email on her cell? Hell, I had a super time.

They were so adorable. Decorated the living room of my suite without me knowing. And by "without me knowing" I mean they shooed me down to the lobby for some special time with Chris' mom & sister, my mom, aunt & sister. We sat in the lobby. They are so slick. Again, I kid!

The phone in the suite rings. Mary says "Send him up". I'm thinking. oh shit. They got a stripper. And Chris' sister is looking at me. She's going to see a stripper in my lap. She's going to tell her mom there was a penis rubbing all up on me. I get nervous. Real nervous. There's a blindfold.

I hear some footsteps. Hooting. Hollering. A shoe drops. A shoe? Clinking. I can't take it. Up comes the blindfold and "wooooooooooooo" it's my future hubster :-) I don't think I've ever been more relieved in my entire life.

Yes, those are candy penis nipple tassels. I love that kid.
The boys joined us and we ran the introductions and nice to meet yous. More people flew in, dropped bags and headed to suite. It was wonderful!
I'm going to finish up this post here because (a) it's 1:30 am. And I promised myself I'd go to bed at midnight. Opps. And (b) now I'm scared the post is going to go all screwy and it will all be lost. Fingers crossed. 1.2..

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