Thursday, February 7, 2008

Friday January 18

T minus 1 day until the BIG day. Holy Crap.

I left my morning empty for "Just In Case" disaster fix-it time. It was needed to get something to adorn the back of my head. Mom fell through. A friend fell through. I couldn't be naked in the back! Erica Koessler came in good. I would love to say "Came in BIG", but good is enough. The sales lady was quite rude and unaccomodating to Chris and I (yes, I drug Chris along with me. It ended up being good. Hold on.) Rude until Chris mentioned how much I LOVE The Knot. I found it odd that she perked right up and was the most helpful person ever after that. I hate when people do that. Not so nice until you can do something for them. Bastards.

Anywho, we were EXHAUSTED at this point. We sat in the car in the parking lot for a good 5 minutes after the hair comb purchase and just. sat. It was perfection. I decided we needed some US time. There were so many people in town, all pulling us in so many directions. And it ws so fabulous to see everyone and be with everyone... but we needed some alone time. The cell phones were turned off and we hit EAT, a new little breakfast/lunch cafe in NoHo. It was the most perfect thing we had done all week. No ringing phones. No questions. No people. Just us, reflecting on what was going to happen tomorrow!

Then it was back to the fans. Kristin, Mary and I hit 25 Degrees for fabulous burgers and fries (well, they had burgers, I stole some fries). That place is always excellent. So I'm noshing and I look up to the bar and it's Justin Chambers! How adorable is he!? I love seeing celebs when I'm with people who don't live in LA. They totally think that living here is so much more fabulous than it really is :-)

Kristin, Mary and I had a dance class at Millenium in NoHo. They are both hip hop dancers, and then there's me. I was the icky white girl dancer in the back of the room who was kicking left when the other girls were humping right. (I'm sure there are all kinds of terms for what they were doing, but I don't know them.) I am a much better dance observer than dance doer. But the big news was that Lauren from So You Think You Can Dance was there! I freakin' love that show. I stared at her a lot. It was wrong of me.

Rehearsal time. All went smoothly. I think that everyone was quite impressed with Jill & Stephanie of Style & Grace. They're so wonderful. My wedding day fairy godmothers. They made sure that everyone knew what was up. My favorite part was taht they were sure to mention many times that their phone number was on the information sheet and that they should by no means call Chris or I on wedding day. It didn't work. But, it was super sweet of them to try!

And then the Serious-Time-Wedding-Talks started. First up was Tom, Chris' youth pastor and the man that would marry us. His advice came in four parts.

1. There is no D-Word
2. Laugh. Hard. Often.

3. Jordana is always right.

4. Jordana is always right.

I love that man!

Our Rehearsal Dinner was more of a cocktail party at Lucky Strike, just across the street from the Roosevelt. Lots of drinks. Cutesy tiny little food (that is scrumptious!). And seeing so many people for the first time! Almost everyone was in town now and they were all there. A rehearsal dinner of 50 people. It was perfection.

We hired Jonilyn after many superb recommendations from The Knot. She was fabulous and at a fabulous price. We asked her to set up a photo booth, an idea stolen from Knottie Shananah. She blogged about us the next day! (here) The show is absolutely fabulous and makes me giggle every time I see it. If you want to watch, let the whole thing load, then watch. It's big, so it starts and stops and is annoying because you're so excited to see it all. Right. Now.

The Candy Bars were a HUGE hit.

The Cake was a huge hit!

It was a fabulous night! Top it off with a tasty trip to Mel's Diner with 20 of our closest friends and we called it a night. An exhausted and sleepy night. And in bed before midnight. Hey, tomorrow is a big day :-)

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