Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thursday January 17, Continued

Thursday night continued on long after the boys arrived at the Roosevelt. It was party time up on the eleventh floor! Then some other folks arrived. Lots of folks. All of these people that we loved from all over the country flew in to be with us! Wow.

And the girls bought Sprinkles. I was so super impressed with them.

They bought other foods too... lots of wonderful foods. But the cupcakes were obviously my most favorite.

So with all these non-LA folks, we had to let them leave the Roosevelt for a true Hollywood evening. Sky Bar! It wasn't too busy and we took over the pool area. It was a fabulous evening with such fabulous people. Looking at these photos I'm super sad that it's all over. Sad that this event was more than likely the only time I will ever have all of these people in one room at the same time.

Does Kristin have the drunk face?!

One of the most exciting things about getting all of these people together is that they finally get to meet each other! Kristin and I went to college together, but she never met my sister. Now, they're friends and take pictures together!
Chris has this thing with his college pals. It's of quite the sexual nature. What? Flowe is getting married to Angela (the onlooker) in May in Dallas. I've never been to Texas and am so excited!

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