Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger

The Project has been temporarily suspended due to Operation Figure My Life Out. For reals, I've been a crazy and totally unfun person to be around the last week. Not having a plan is like kryptonite for this uber-organized lady. Where am I going? What am I doing? Where to I want to be? How am I going to get there? Who am I? Wha?!

So, there has been no cooking. No Knotting (gasp!). No Blogging. No Blog reading. No TV watching even! I was real good for three days and I made progress. I have some answers and the path is starting to form right in front of my eyes.

So I let myself one blog today. I was missing my daily fashionista view and I thought... one little blog. Can't hurt. Could even be inspiring to my life in general. Opps. The flood gates.

But I can't stay. Must.Be.Better.

In other news, I let myself visit ebay.

If these didn't have two straps we would be getting hitched in 2 days, 16 hours. But since we've got a double strap situation, we might only be eloping. Maybe. I heart you Manolo.

1 comment:

Diabolina said...

hearting you.

eerie how similar our situations seem from what little i know of yours. i too am on the verge of a major career/life/destiny change. have been avoiding making some big decisions, but change is imminent. i can feel it.

i wish you luck in whatever decisions you make. remember, there are no right or wrongs. i really and truly believe that.

you are in every moment exactly where you should be. i find that extraordinarily comforting - even during tough moments.


ps it is strange becoming acquainted online - a first for me :) i hope i am not overstepping...