Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fashion: What Makes It Fabulous?

*The Skinny Website

I love this look. But why? There's nothing really special about it. She looks kind of like she rolled out of bed and picked up some crap off the floor. No?

What is about it this particular combination of hat, scarve, hoodie, t, jeans, bag that just click? Perhaps the giant purple bag when it could have been a simple tote? Maybe it's the cutesy little hat when she could have gone with a baseball hat? That definitely would not have been as cute.

Note to self: attempt looking cuter when I really look like a bum


Rian Montgomery said...

Hey, you have a great site! But can you possibly not hotlink my pictures? Instead, just right-click them and save them on your computer, than upload them to your blogger account.

I'd really appreciate it.. thanks!


Carmen A. Lindsay said...

I also love jeans and clogs. I use it since many days. They are comfy, good looking and quality-full. I appreciate your blog post as it's very nice. You are looking beautiful with jeans and white t-shirt.