Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hobby: Photography

Finding, and mastering, a hobby is part of the Jordana Project. I want to have a skill just for fun. Something that is useful. I've always loved photography, but I was a point & shoot kind of girl. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too difficult.

Last year, Chris convinced me that we needed the Nikon D50 and it's been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Our everyday pictures are so much better.

But then there was the engagement shoot. And the boudoir shoot. And the wedding shoot. And suddenly my good pictures look blah.

I want to be better. I've got the eye, but I want to know what all of those buttons on the body of my beautiful camera can actually do. So, I'm going to buy a book and I'm going to get better.

Although, sometimes, I just hit it.

I love this shot. Played with the color a bit in Photoshop, but I adore the juxtaposition of a person standing in traffic. This was one of our first shots in Bangkok, driving from the airport into the city. The traffic there is like nothing I've ever seen before. And I though LA was bad.

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