Monday, February 25, 2008

Fashion: I'm LOVING Bright Colors

Brights Brights Everywhere! The drab beige and white is gone. Everything is so bright and festive and springy. I'm so excited :-)

I'm not a traditionally bright clothes wearer. Not that I'm afraid of the colors, I just tend to pick, well, in all honesty, boring colors. I'm sad to look in my closet and see all the blahness.

So, I bought these shorts. And obviously, I needed a new shirt to go along with the fabulousness that is these shorts.

Banana Republic was the obvious choice. I heart their sale rack like nothing else. (I hate to buy retail, it's ridiculous to me. It's going to go on sale in a few weeks, why not stick it out?! Hence, the delay in buying the above shorts.) End Rant.

I bought this lovely yellow number. Simple. Bright. Soft & Comfy.

(Please excuse the puffiness of my face. There were lots of cookies, cupcakes, pies & desserts this weekend. Will be hitting the gym with mad force this week. A double header today even!)

Would have worn the shorts to work if I knew I could swing it (or it wasn't 12 degrees). I'd probably be sent home for something so ridiculous. I was stuck on what to wear with the uberbrightness of the top. Black? No, couldn't look like the Demon. Brown? Ick. Beige? Blah. And then I remembered an Inspiration Board from a wedding that I'd seen somewhere at some point during my planning. Grey! I love it.


Diabolina said...

very cute shorts. me wants. alas i think i decided last year that my short years are behind me. because my behind is just busted.

work outfit is adorable as is your face. hearts!

Manuela N. Harper said...

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