Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cooking: I Should Jump On That...

Most of the Jordana Project is tweaking. And perfecting. Except for the cooking. I'm a disaster area in the kitchen. A mess. Chris did not marry me for my skills. He married me in spite of them.

But I really really want to learn!

Chris can walk into the kitchen, pull some crap out of the pantry, throw it in a pot and make something fabulous. I have to have a recipe and go to the grocery store and check things off and follow the recipe to a t. If I don't, there's a possibility of an inedible cluster.

So I subscribed to some blogs. Smitten Kitchen is fantastic. I feel like her recipes are doable for a 'tard like me. She takes photos of her work that are even better than the food!

I just found I Shot The Chef. Similar stuff. Just as wonderful.

I also bought a book! (this kid needs all the inspiration she can get!) I read about it in Los Angeles Magazine and decided that it would be easier to double a single girls' recipe than eigth a family one. It's super cute (and pink!) It's dumbed down to the point that it's slightly annoying, but often necessary. Tomorrow is my first attempt in the kitchen. Saltimboca Pork with Prosciutto. Or something like that. It might be a nice change from my standard diet of grapefruit and english muffin while Chris is on the road.

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Diabolina said...

good luck!

you are going to be my cooking inspiration, k?

in 10 years, i have cooked for mr. diabolina exactly 2 times. they were fine meals but it took EVERYTHING OUT OF ME. the grocery shopping, the nerdy following the recipe, the not understanding cooking terms, not having the right utensils. ugh. too much!

my mom is an excellent cook and is horrified by lack of skillz. boo. i am convinced it skips a generation.