Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Way We Were

Ever since that episode of Sex & The City when Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte explain the deeply tumultuous relationship of K-K-K-Katie and Hubble to Samantha I have wanted to see The Way We Were. If the SATC Ladies heart it, I would heart it too. And I did.

It arrived in it's little red envelope from Netflix (am loving this place. a lot.) and we settled in to watch it last night. I adore Barbara. She's an interesting beauty. Stunningly, but not in the typical fashion. Robert is strikingly handsome. That chin! Those eyes! That hair! (I'm not a crusher, and I might have a crush on this man.) I've been trying to get Chris to wear his hair parted to the side for years. No luck. "Too Trump" he says. But he thought Robert was dead sexy too, so, maybe. **fingers crossed**

Carrie had it right, some women can never be tamed. Katie couldn't. Love that she acted on instincts and stood up for her beliefs. Always. Even when it made her the outsider. She made her world a better place. Hubble was too boxed in for her. Sad, because they were so cute together.

I hate.hate.hated that they had a baby together and Hubble just ditches out on them. In what world does that seem appropriate!? Have the times changed that much in sixty years?

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Diabolina said...

i have so many old movies to watch...maybe i get netflix...