Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Am In Love With Love

Love and Weddings. Perfection!

I think I would like to attend a wedding every weekend. Note to self: get more friends of marriage age.

We met Katrine and Elan through a mutual groomsmen and we bonded over florists, cakes & linens. We, and by we I mean Katrine and I, were obsessed. On a mission. For the perfect wedding. I think Elan and Chris were just excited that they didn't have to debate chocolate versus mocha or chivari versus standard.

I wasn't sure how I was going to react to being a wedding guest. Was I going to be a bridezilla in a post traumatic wedding craze? Was I going to sink into a bitter depression that I was no longer the last bride I knew? Not going to lie, thought I might be more insane than originally imagined.

But I was the exact opposite. The immense feeling of love and joy that enveloped this time and place was overwhelming. I was honored to be a guest! And I enjoyed myself more than I ever could have imagined. Katrine was s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! Elan so stoic. Their families so welcoming. The food delish. The music amazing. The flowers fantastic. An all around fabulous event.

This only being the second formal wedding I'd attended, the first being my own, I wasn't sure what to expect. And my first Jewish wedding. Dad's side of the family is more "Jewish" than Jewish, so I barely know the difference between a Chuppah and a challah... but I'm learning!

He really liked the yamulke. Really liked it. Wanted to wear it all night, but when everyone else took it off, he felt silly. Chris' funny joke of the day: I'm not Jewish, I'm just Jew"ish".

Chris and I have come to the conclusion that we thoroughly enjoy Jewish weddings and hope to attend more very very soon. The dancing and the singing! Oy vey! There was a drummer that I want to hire to live in my house and just drum for me. He was fantastic. I'm not sure about what happened for about 35% of the day, but it was definitely beautiful!

I would have taken more pictures... but with the open bar, I had picture quality issues.

I did happen to snap this one... sad sad centerpiece. Not so much a fan of the car ride home.

Congratulations Elan & Katrine. We wish you more joy than you could ever imagine, more love than your hearts can hold and more happiness than you will ever need. Love & Kisses.


Diabolina said...

jew "ish" is my new favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

My brother says Chris looks like Edward Norton in his jew "ish" picture.