Friday, March 21, 2008

Fashion: Purple & Turquoise

Well, honestly, deep purple and everything.

Nico wore this dress for most of Lipstick Jungle last night. The purple and the turqouise... delish! Makes both of the colors pop and I'm loving it.
I wasn't going to watch another stupid show. Then Ani told me I just HAD to watch it. Until 3:00 am on Saturday. I watched them back to back online. (Maybe my bestie WTF has a not so bad idea with the getting rid of cable/watching shows online deal. I don't know if I can do it though.) It's no Sex & The City (and honestly will anything ever be.) But it's good. I can't jump on the Brooke Shields bandwagon. She bugs me. But the other characters are great. There seems to be a great balance of love/life/work/sex. Perhaps it's time to replace Cashmere Mafia in the TiVo lineup.

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Ani Avanessian said...

Their outfits ROCK THE HOUSE!!!! Did you notice the outfit in the elevator,she had this HUGE rustic orange and turqouise that was delish. I am not a fan of Brook Shields either but her job is AMAZING. Let's start planning our May 30th premier date!!!!! Sex and the City, yahoo!!!!