Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Bear, Round 1

I don't think I realized how much I needed to get out of my bubble and out of my head until we were winding up the 330 on the way to a secluded little cabin in the woods. I've been way too in my own head lately. Must remember that life is a conglomerate and not all of them will be heading in the right direction at the same time. Actually, that is what makes life interesting... your moving pieces going ape shit.

The drive to Big Bear was beautiful and I am blown away that such beauty is just a few hours outside of the honking and stop lights and concrete. Nice to know.

I also realized on this stunningly beautiful ride that I have aged. As a child subjected to near cross country road trips, I honed reading while driving skills. In my old age I have discovered that me+motion+reading=sickness. I spent the last half of the trip remembering to breathe "in the nose, out the mouth."

Our cabin was, well, cabin-y. Cute. But cabin-y. Is there really a need for a moose emblazoned light switch plate? Whenever I see this crap in stores I think "who the hell would buy this?" Cabin people, that's who.

I do heart mountain towns. They remind me of southern towns. Small towns run in the same pack I think. Reminds me that I miss the South and want to slow down there for a bit.

The grocery store came complete with Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts come with cookies. Unfortunately Chris and I ate nearly all three boxes in our short 2 day trip. And I'm currently wondering why I feel so poufy. Perhaps it was the Saturday morning breakfast of Hamburgers with a side of fudge and a hefty helping of cookies. (note: I have gained 6 pounds since the wedding. That's a pound a week people. If we keep going in this vein, I will have gained 50 pounds by our one year anniversary.) I did come to my senses and trash the remainder of the goodness instead of bringing it back to LA. Today, I missed them.

So, I ate cookies and played with the camera. I do love this photography thing so much. Such a beautiful medium. Chris built a fire and I played.

There's something so peaceful about falling asleep in front of a roaring fire. Something so right and normal. I definitely fell asleep at 9:30.

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Diabolina said...

yay for slowing down.

boo for reminding me that I have 5 boxes of girl scout cookies upstairs.