Thursday, March 13, 2008

Organized: Accessories

I wanted to accessorize more. Before the Project I wore my engagement ring and, when I remembered to adorn my neck, my grandmothers' pearls. Sometimes I would switch it up with another necklace or one of my grandmothers' cocktail rings. Gaga had some kick ass jewelry. And she rocked it.

But I wanted to utilize more. A little funky here. A little cleaner here. A little, well, different. I wanted more.

So I started buying stuff. All kinds of stuff.

The problem here lies in the fact that I had no where to put it. I was throwing it in a little pouch on the counter in the bathroom. Too much clutter.

Soooo, I had to go shopping!

I had seen a tree type contraption at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago. I thought I was just drawn to it because it would have been PERFECT wedding decoration. Perfect! But alas, the wedding was over and I had no need for bronze mini trees.

Until my jewelry disaster area.

Works nicely, no?

And because I'm now obsessed with my buttons, I played.

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Diabolina said...

i love this. running not walking to urban today to get this. i was JUST reading a similar post on fashion toast's site. spy her blog. it's super cute, super indie skinny girl style.

good luck at ucla thrift store. it's super hit or miss!