Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There's Something So Comfortable in the Norm

No matter what the norm is... there's something comfortable about it. I sat in my regularly schedule traffic today, all the way to the gym. And I liked it. (As I have developed an affinity for traffic, I'm guessing I can no longer say "oh, I just moved to California." It's been three years... give it up girl.)

Today was a tough day. So many hard things to deal with. Life.Love.The Pursuit of Happiness. It's not my norm and it makes me uncomfortable. But in the uncomfortable moments, I hope to grow. To find my new comfort zone. Only to outgrow it and move on again.

And that's what the Jordana Project is all about, right? Growing. Shedding layers to reveal new shiny ones. The ones that I want to present to the world.

But in my deep thoughts, as I crept down the 101 to the 405, at 10 miles an hour. I saw this.

And it made me giggle.

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Diabolina said...

read up on your shadow self. there is alot of stuff online. there's alot to be gained by approaching the things that make u uncomfortable, destabilize you, frighten you.

remember, you are always exactly where you should be. you are on your path.

with a kiss and a hug,

p.s. i love moments of comic relief that get plunked down right in front of you to make you giggle. it's like the universe has a sense of humor.