Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Bear, Round 3

It's always sad to go back to reality. But the cabin bed was weird. Real weird. Like I froze from the waist up and sweated to death from the waist down. Never slept well. Chris had nightmares. All around no good. And the house creaked. I slept through that, but it bothered Chris. Man in charge and whatnot.

We drove around the lake and hit the teeny town of Fawnskin, population 380, no 381, no 382. Love that.

We stopped for some coffee/tea at the Gold Pan then walked the town. And by town, I mean we walked next door to the antiques market and then back to the car. Cute little place.

Love .Love.Love this little mixer. Considered making a purchase, but then realized I don't cook enough for my one mixer, what would I do with two?

Chris was enthralled with the old Ford. His new thing is buying/fixing/driving a pick up truck. Mr. Itty Bitty Sportscar wants to drive a monster truck. Or this.

I particularly enjoyed the tail gate.

The enormous bear guards the post office. I had a version of this guy growing up. Was three times my size when I got him. Think I still have him somewhere...
An uneventful rest of the trip. No reading as to avoid the motion sickness that would more than likely ensue.

An all around fantastic trip. One we will definitely head out on again.

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