Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Bear, Round 2

I learned how to ski in Utah. My dad was transferred there from New York when I was 10 and I spent a few weeks every winter learning the sport in some of the best snow in the states. It's beautiful there. So when I considered going skiing in California I knew it was going to be ridiculous crazy talk. But I was impressed with Mammoth two years ago. Much more than I thought I would be. But Big Bear, that's the real crazy talk. No? Again, foot-in-mouth. 'Twas quite nice.

I am am skiing purist. I love the sound of my ski slicing through the powder. Cringe at the sound of ski on ice. Reminds me of a head on collision. So when Chris suggested that I bring my iPhone headphones and listen to music as I tore down the slope I pishpished him. You're out in nature. Trees. Light. Snow. Beauty. and you want to bring technology!? boo.

But I did. And I loved it. I refrained for the first few runs and then decided to give it a try. Chris liked it. Maybe I would like it. And Jack Johnson, solo with a guitar, crooning just for me, while I sliced over the mountain.... heaven. Pure heaven.

I would really like to put together a ski outfit. I pulled it together for this little outing. Mostly because I only had to wear a few pieces to be comfy & cozy. The bibs were my Mom's from her Ski Bee days in Charlotte. Her post-divorce shananigans when the kids were away. She lived it up on the slopes. Every time I go skiing I think I should upgrade. I'm too old for an overall-esque jumpsuit thingie. But who wants to spend $100 on a pair of pants that I might get to wear every two years?!

I beat Chris this year in the fewest disaster area crashes. He had two. Zip for moi. One he will blame on an old lady. The other on the powder.

We skied through nightfall. A half day ticked (12-6:30) was absolute perfection and free for the birthday girl! We seriously considered some night skiing, but with the sun went the warmth. And I get cranky when I'm cold. No bueno. Our last run with the sunset as our backdrop. I love California.

Thank you for a beautiful trip my dear husband. Love & Kisses.

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Diabolina said...

super cuteness hubby and puffy jacket :)

mr. diabolina and i met in big bear. on a retreat our freshman year. for emerging leaders.