Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hobby: Light

On Saturday, I played with light.

At about 5:00 pm it filters in through the sliding glass door so beautifully.

My model, Jack.

And when Jack got antsy, I brought in Cartoon Elephant. One of my most favorite purchases in Thailand. There's just something so happy about Cartoon Elephant.

I adore flowers. Chris always has a conniption when I buy flowers. Something about how they die quickly. But they're so happy and bright. I currently have tulips in the living room and daffodils in the bedroom.

I wanted to play with the apeture and sunlight. I was impressed that with a high f-stop my model, Ugly Fat Lady (my grandmothers' knick knack), was still well lit.

And with a low F-Stop, you just get Ugly Fat Lady.

Natural light really does produce amazingness. Need to get outside more during the day to take advantage.

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