Monday, March 17, 2008

Hobby: Speedlight Flash

Every year for birthdays/holidays/celebrations/etc. my Aunt Jill sends me an American Express gift card from my Poppa. As soon as it arrives in it's pale yellowy beige envelope with the blue stripes I drop everything, head to Saks and purchase a ridiculous pair of shoes. That's just how I roll.

But this year was different. I ran to Ritz Camera to check out flashes. What!? This shoe loving lady is choosing technology over fashion. Hell has frozen over and pigs are currently flying through Los Angeles.

My husband is going to be so proud! Not only that I researched/purchased a little piece of technology, but that I didn't jump on the overpriced one at Ritz Camera, but I came home, did some homework and saved $65 on

Now, I just have to wait. Wait for this new fabulousness to enter my life. Yummy.

In other news, I played with the D300 while there. My wish list just got a little longer.

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