Thursday, March 13, 2008

People: Habitat For Humanity

Helping people... definitely part of The Jordana Project. Makes you feel good to help other people that need an extra hand.

My favorite redhead, Mary Patterson, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity a few months ago and asked Chris and I to come along on her next venture down to South Central.

A little paperwork, a lot of waiting around, a HOT red tape nametag and we were put to work.

MP and I were put in charge of banisters. Sanding. Sealing. Staining. You know the drill. It was so nice to chat and hang out and do something good for someone I didn't know. It's a 20ish unit townhouse project that's part of the Jimmy Carter Project. Apparently a big deal as our team leaders mentioned it no less than 20 times.

Chris likes to tell people that he was a carpenter "in another life." That sounds so weird to me. Like he was a carpenter reincarnated as a casting director. What he means is that his father is a finish carpenter and he was cheap labor while making his way through the education system.

But, he got to do real work with saws and drills and power nail guns. AND he got some sexy sexy glasses. Too sexy. He kept them and plans on wearing them around the house on occasion.

There were a ton of volunteers there on this particular day. I found it hysterical that when the team leaders announced that we could leave early everyone cheered and got all kinds of excited. Including myself. We were volunteers! Technically, you can leave whenever you want.

One of our finished banisters. Felt like a baby's bottom. So smooth. The perfect amount of stain. I'm so proud of us!

It's a great way to spend a Saturday. Meeting new people and doing something productive for the people that need a boost. Although, next time, I might pretend that I also was a carpenter in a previous life. Power tools > Paint brushes.

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Diabolina said...

you are super duper cute. yay for volunteering. i miss it.

p.s. how tall are you? you looks teeny tiny. I envy petite sophisticats. Growing up with a tiny mom and grandma I always cursed being a horse...