Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hobby: Daffodils

My new obsession is yellow. I adore it. So bright and light and happy.

Trader Joes has these puppies for $1.49/8ish stems. Oprah told me to buy them through her maagzine. So I've been stalking the store until they came in. I bought them on Sunday and they were all closed. Monday morning they were open, all bright new and shiny. They actually smell good, which was news to me... I didn't think daffodils had a smell.

When I came home from work the light coming in the window was so perfect. I snapped no less than 86 photos of these beauties. We're going to have to buy more storage hard drives.


...You know, said...

Beautiful!!! I love your pictures and your blog :) !

Diabolina said...

mr. d got some this weekend. they are gorgeous. will tell him he is down with oprah...