Monday, March 24, 2008

Investment: Apple

I want to start investing in stocks. My grandfather was a stock broker. My aunt plays the market. I want to be stock savvy.

So, right after the wedding we made our first investment. APPLE! Chris loves his Mac, so we decided to try it out. Research said it was a good choice.

So we invested!

Then we watched it plummet. Well, plummet may be a strong word. It began to decline, sometimes rapidly.

So, we invested more. In the form of product :-)

I never thought I would love a phone as much as I adore my iPhone. Best piece of technology that ever happened. Chris surprised me with it after a trip to Detroit/Milwaukee/Portland/Kansas City. He lead with a Detroit Beer Mug, then handed over the iPhone. What a kidder that kid is ;-)

Then, I relented to Chris' incessant need for the iMac. It would cut his import time down from quarter time to real time. Can't really argue with that.

And after I figured out how to work the damn thing I've become quite the fan. A few things I miss from PC, but all in all, it's been a good time.

And then, finally, today was a good Apple day!

Up 6.26! 'Twas a good day :-)


Darci said...

We bought an iMac this year, and after a brief adjustment period I am hooked for life! Kudos on the investment :)

Diabolina said...

yay for playing the market!

i want an iphone but don;t wanna pay for it. boo.

csunsweetie said...

love mac products. I'm a macbook girl. FI will eventually be a macbook boy. till then, he uses mine. LOVE it!

Ashley said...

i own apple stock too :)