Monday, March 3, 2008

George Hurrell

Our wedding was very 1940's Hollywood Glam. During the planning/research I fell in love with the work of George Hurrell. He pioneered Hollywood Glam in the 30's and 40's working very closely with the movie studios to create massive starlets. His work is stunning.

The California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica has an exhibit through June of his work. Taking advantage of the city is a big part of my project and we so rarely make it to the westside, this seemed like the perfect excuse to jump on the 405. The exhibit is perfection! I am amazed that we rely so much on technology now to make what this man was able to create with light. I would highly recommend heading down there, strolling the street and stopping by the museum. They force a little tour of the house on you, but the exhibit upstairs is worth it.

I so loved the photographs when I first saw them on the site that I sent Hurrell's work to our photographer Rob Holley, whom I adore! We're currently going through the pile o'photos to make an album now, and I was amazed to think some of our photos could have been up there next to Mr. George's.

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Diabolina said...

where do i peep pics from your wedding? i hearted your photoshopped invite ;)