Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cooking: Basil Beer Bread

So it's St. Patty's Day! My condo association had a little shin dig and I wanted to go somewhere I'd never gone before. To the land of bread. Irish bread.

May I introduce you to Irish Basil Beer Bread.

Unfortunately, I was less than impressed. Very thick and heavy. Perhaps too much yeast? or too much flour? I did substitute whole wheat for all purpose. Does that make a difference? Who knows. I chucked most of it after the party.

However, the pistachio covered goat cheese balls were BIG hits.

SOOOO simple, and I always look like a rock star. Goat cheese, rolled in crushed pistachios and served over spinach leaves. Something with the creamy coat cheese and the salty crunchiness of the pistachio. I dream about them.

I leave you with Green Beer in the making. Have a fabulous St. Patty's day. Enjoy your pint!

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