Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love: Travel

From Chris - "I love travel days". A Corona, relaxing all day, watching movies, being paid. I'd love travel days too.

And he finally comes home today! His travel schedule seems to be getting tougher and tougher. We connect so perfectly when we're together, that being so far apart throws us off kilter. I'm on one plane and he's on another. We don't fit together as well and that's tough. Throw 18 hour work days, 3 hour time differences and exhaustion into the mix and we're a disaster area.

But I think we remember to cherish each other and never take one another for granted. To love the time that we do have together. To work even harder to make us work.


Diabolina said...

wow. must be very hard. i'm very independent but that would be tough for me.

the mister and i had a big career talk last night. he wants out of his rat race.

kinda freaking out. i've always been the job hopper. hard to think of us both making big changes when we have a big mortgage. sigh.

maybe we'll just move to austin and buy a farm - he raises piggies and i paint their toenails hot pink.

AliGoesBlogWild said...

B and I feel the same way when we're apart. It definitely takes a few days to get back in the groove when we're together again but it is still so great. While it's nice to have some alone and independent time, being apart is a reminder of how much better we are when we're together. Having met you both, the statement couldn't be more true: you guys are an awesome team!!