Thursday, March 6, 2008

Passion vs. Comfort

Can you have both? I feel too comfortable. The life seems to have been sucked out of me, like when you're dead to the world in front of the television with a glass of wine and a handful of chocolate. Too comfortable to be passionate. About anything. I am too young to be feeling so poopie.

Bitch. Sweet. Bitch. Sweet. Mood swings like crazy talk. The creativity struggling to jump out of my comfortable body. I've gotta find an outlet.

This weekend is the big mid decade birthday for this girl! When I came home from work I was told that tomorrow evening we're heading to Big Bear for a weekend on the slopes. SURPRISE! Chris even hooked us up with a cabin in the woods with a hot tub (that man cannot sleep more than 30 yards from a hot tub.) I hear there's snow. And it's 50 degrees. That's the best kind of skiing. Spring skiing. Saturday should be heavenly.


Diabolina said...

beautiful photos. beautiful husband to plan it.

You pose THE question of all questions. I think the absolute answer is yes. You just have to redefine your terms.

Passion doesn't have to be volatile and unstable. Comfort doesn't need to be stagnant and stifling. It's about being present and actively choosing every moment you are in.

my friend wrote to me yesterday bemoaning: "I’m being absolutely pulled and driven to happy & quiet over interesting & exciting."

I wrote back: "maybe we can be interestingly happy and excitedly quiet???" i am a nerd.

and in response to your comment today, I would just urge you to consider the POSITIVE repurcusions of creativity too. The beauty you create, the lightness you feel. I always think what if Marc Jacobs had denied his creativity or David Lynch or Jane Austen or Annie Lebovitz or Sarah McLachlan.

Great things happen when you embrace all sides of yourself.

- your fashion yogi ;)

ps mr. diabolina was catching up on my blog and demanded who is miss something pants. he said he loves your comments. heart aflutter.

Anne K. in L.A. said...

Happy Quarter Century Day!

Bravo to Mr. Jordy Pants for planning a nice weekend getaway. I am envious. I have yet to see the snow.

You have an interesting quandary. I don't want to trivialize what you're feeling, but do you think it may be a teeny bit of post-wedding blues? Either way, I do believe you need to follow your passions. Life would be dull otherwise;)