Friday, January 4, 2008

A Yay/Boo

Getting married in January seemed the obvious choice as I don't like cliche & standard wedding months (goodbye February, May, June, July, August), I don't like the sound of months that end in -ber (don't know... but, so long, September, October, November & December). We were both born in March (and I like presents, so we have to spread that out over the course of a year). We were left with January and April. April gave us an 18 month engagement, and that's crazy long. JANUARY!

But getting married after the Holidays!? Yay or Boo?

Yay: Tons of time off a few weeks before the big day to get details out of the way!

Boo: I totally forgot all about Christmas and New Years as I was knee deep in details.

Yay: I didn't gain any holiday weight.

Boo: I didn't get to eat ANYTHING, and it was sad.

Yay: Who the hell gets married in January, I didn't ask a single vendor if they were booked, because everyone was available.

Boo: It's a lot harder to weed them out when all of them are out there.


Boo: Itty bitty Christmas presents because all the money is flying at the wedding.

Yay: Winter wedding... white and candles and warmness in the chill. ohhhh...

Boo: 70, approximately 50% of our guest list did not RSVP. Come on people. There's a stamp... all you have to do is mark "in body" or "in spirit" and put it in the envelope and put it back in the mail box. Either you're coming or you are not coming. Get it together folks. I blame the holiday card influx and general holiday business as I hope our friends & family aren't actually quite that rude.

All in all, January is perfect for us! A bit less traditional.

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