Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting Ready for Thailand

If you remember, I totally forgot we were heading to Thailand two days after the wedding... because all I can think about is the wedding! So, I've been scrambling to get it all together. We need summer clothes - shorts, bathing suits, light & airy clothes, etc. And not so many people sell those kinds of things in January.

Thank You TARGET! Target came in big for me. They have some summer stuff on the shelves and we scored big time this weekend. I grabbed a few bathing suits and a beach cover up, some shorts and a few tank tops. Chris was over in his section and the same time and we bumped in to each other with seperate and full carts! He is the proud owner of some shorts and t-shirts!

I also forced him to purchase a new pair of Rainbow flip flops as I could smell the old ones from multiple angles and distances. Unacceptable.

I've been trolling online for a while now and I'm really not finding so many options. There was a really cute pair of shorts and Banana Republic, so I ordered those. When I received them, there were the extra tall version. Stupid J, didn't read the print. I got so caught up in the excitement of finding a pair of shorts in January that were only $14.99 at Banana that I just got click happy. These stunning "shorts" hit my knees. Eh, perhaps I'll rock the long short thing.

I did come across something fabulous. They're cashmere and satin eye
masks from Banana Republic. I wanted something to help me block out the noises and people on the plane. The front is satin and the back is cashmere. I bought two... pink for me and green for Chris. And this totally looks manly enough for Chris, right? We'll see if he uses it :-)

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