Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Down to Details

It's super detail time and I'm loving every minute of this. I mean, I've really enjoyed all 15 months of wedding planning, but spending months finding a photographer or videographer... blah. I've so enjoyed being able to cross a whole bunch of things off the list at once. And with the holidays, we've both had so much time off, that it's all been filled with wedding shiza.

Chris is editing together the video and making the condo look amazing. As I was printing labels yesterday, I look out the bedroom door and see this...

He decided, that as long as the place was a disaster and all the tools were out, he would recaulk the bathtube. Isn't his head lamp sexy?! grrr. (Again, thank God he's handy.)

Today was seating chart, water bottle, chocolate bar wrapper and favor jar day.

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The Daily Randi said...

Love The Hollywood H2O!

You know, after Your Wedding, you can probably make some Cash selling any Extras at Hollywood and Highland!