Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dear Knot, How I Love Thee

Hi, My name is Jordana and I'm a knotaholic. I love it and I need it and I miss it when it's gone. The message boards have been a godsend for me! Not being from Los Angeles, I didn't know the first thing about planning a wedding here. I had no clue what I was doing. Then I joined the Knot (OK, I actually joined the Knot the day after we got engaged because I was so super excited, but I didn't use the boards for a bit). My fellow brides are some of the most helfpul, silly, generous and fun people I've ever "met".

But last night I got to meet some of them in real life! Wendy55 and Mrs.Veroni go to my gym! We've probably passed each other a million and a half times and didn't know it! They're just as fun, humorous, silly and amazing in real life as they are through my computer screen... maybe even better!

I always thought it was a little silly/crazy to meet people from the internet, and Chris definitely thinks I'm crazy. But now I have gym buddies! And in all honesty, I've always wondered how people met other people at the gym. I don't think I've ever talked to a single soul while working out. What do you say!? "Hi, I was just noticing your tennis shoes, those are awesome! Where did you get them?" Nah, I'll stick to knottie lovin' at the gym!

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