Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Final Product

I am so impressed with myself and my photoshop skills! I love this final product.

We decided to add the bridal party and our officiant/director. My only regret is that the BP first names are black script writing and you can only see them if you're really really close. Oh well.

I took it to Kinkos to have it printed. I'm not sure what's wrong with the people that work there. I gave the CD to a guy behind the counter. After spending a good 5 minutes with the CD and the computer, he printed up a receipt and told me I could pick it up the next day. I glanced down at the receipt for $60!?!? What!? He told me he was going to print it on his best color printer. The one that was currently printing a giant Hannah Montana poster for Disney. Umm, I'm sorry, it's a black and white print! He said it would be crisper. I said I didn't care. So he printed me another a receipt for $4.00. Then printed it on a grayscale printer in 2 minutes. I hate Kinkos.

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