Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Presents!

We exchanged wedding presents on Sunday night. Our last night out together before the family starts arriving. I gave him his first. He loved the cufflinks. Little tiny red socks J Then he opened the book. The first photo is this one.

He looked at it and looked at me and looked at it again, confused. Then he blurts “Is that you!? When did I take that photo?" HAHAHA, he is my favorite photographer :-)

With each photo he said “WOW!” “Who took these?” “WOW!”. Exactly the reaction that I wanted! If you’re even considering doing this, DO IT NOW. We were both starving and he didn’t touch the salad or the appetizer when they came because he was enthralled with the book. It was good!

Then it was my turn! I knew what he was getting me, but I didn’t know that it was going to be soooooooooo perfect! See, he has no idea what to buy me. Ever. And I’ll admit, I’m a picky person. So it started with him asking general questions. Then I got specific. Then I told him exactly what I wanted. Then I sent him a link. He couldn’t get the one with that I sent him, so he went to Icing on the Ring and they made it for him. And he did a FABULOUS job.

It's an emerald cut Aquamarine stone (both of our birthstones) set in white gold. Its a perfect sized cocktail ring and I love everything about it. Plus, it will be my something blue at the wedding!

It’s a great start to wedding week!

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