Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Busy Before the Calm Before the Storm

I am anticipating that the week before the wedding will be the calm before the storm. Thus, this is the busy time before the calm before the storm. DIY projects are finishing up. Programs are printed and ready to be assembled. Menus are ready to be printed. The Rehearsal Dinner Video is in the final stages. Place cards are complete! SOOO, not all that crazy actually.

Obviously I had to add another project. Be as busy as possible. Why relax when you can spend hours in Photoshop?

As we're going for an old Hollywood 1940's era feeling, I thought we should make a movie poster! Casablanca was my first thought.

After a mini photoshoot and some photoshop magic, this is what I got...

I love it! Now, back to those programs.

1 comment:

MissMissy said...

Great poster!!!! I love that idea!