Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shoe Drama

I adore shoes. And I'm not quite sure why finding a pair to wear to the Rehearsal Dinner is sooooooooo difficult. Perhaps it's because women's feet are getting ginormous, so shoe sizes are changing. I once wore a 6.5. Now I wear a 5 or 5.5. Either I am shrinking or other people are growing and damn you marketing folks. I've found many pairs that just don't fit. boo. Nordstrom was a treasure trove of beautiful pewter heels… but NOTHING FIT! I’m not miniature!!! I’m normal sized… this should not be an issue.
This is the dress...
Perhaps I can't find the shoe because of the dress. I don't want to go gold or silver because that's boring.

When I bought the dress I asked at BCBG and they showed me this pair. AKA the pair that I adore...
But I just can't bring myself to pay $225 for something that isn't the most absolutely stunningly fabulous thing I've ever bought. And I'm a shoe whore... I've paid way more than that for something stunning, but it was the most amazing shoe I've ever seen in my life and I wear them at least once a week. My heart fills with joy when I think of those stunning kitten heels... yet, this is for another post.

SOOOOO... there was this pair.

Carlos by Carlos Santana and I found them on for $99. I liked them online, but in real life they are really green and I stepped right out of them. Their 5.5 is whack, it got sent back. (Thank You Zappos for prepaid by you shipping both ways. It was sweet!)

So, to my fingers trotted. I found a pair!

And just as I was checking out, a little sign told me that buy 2, get ‘em 30% off. Well, I reasoned that they might not work, so I should go ahead and get a second pair. And even if I have to return them, I got the first pair 30% off. It was perfect!

I continued shopping and I found a hidden pair!

They’re almost like the BCBG pair, except without the fancy stuff. Perhaps I can fancy them up myself. Perhaps another DIY project. I’ve never DIY’d a pair of shoes. Can I do it?! Perhaps I shall!

I checked and snapped up a free shipping promo code, upgraded the shipping to 3 day and I will now await my shiny pewter shoes and keep fingers crossed that they will compliment the dress. If they don’t… I go barefoot. End of story.

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Anne K. in L.A. said...

Blogstalker coming out of the woodwork... Don't worry. It's just Anne from the knot.

I just wanted to say I love your rehearsal dress and your shoe selections. I can't wait to see how beautiful the rest of your wedding will turn out.