Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's 6:00 AM

... and I can't sleep! I tried to fight it by staying in bed, but my eyes were wide open and my brain started sprinting. Running through the enormous list of things to do. Well, I guess it's minor compared to what some people are going through 3 days before an event... Thank God I was born a planner. I love my dear friend and Matron of Honor, but as we drove to her ceremony site, heaped into the front seat of a Trans Am, my legs on the dashboard because there was so much shiza in the car, my hair in rollers and my tired bead-sewing hands (just an aside, I don't know how to sew) working as hard as the could to get the programs folded before we reached the church, I swore that I would be DONE with everything before the guests started rolling in to town.

And they're rolling in today! My most favorite sorority sister HalfCent arrives at 4:00 pm in Burbank! I told her if she could fly into Burbank that it would make my entire life. I only have to go to LAX two times in this entire wedding process and one of them is heading down for my honeymoon! The HalfCent is probably the most ridiculous person I've ever met in my entire life. She's a pile of everything cool, ghetto, preppy and sophisticated there could be. A pearl-sporting, bandana rocking, hip hop dancer who just happens to be a Vanderbilt Chemistry PhD canditate. Yes, she's going to be Dr. HalfCent. A little bit of Dr. and Dr. Dre. It's an odd combination and that's what makes her so fabulous.

So, I'm wondering if today is the day it becomes real. It got real for a minute there, but that was fleeting. It was back to work and back to planning and back to errands. Today is my last day in the office. And it's just half a day! So, there's just 4 hours between me and wedding reality. Holy Shit.

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