Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sox = Socks

Perhaps I went overboard.

... but what better way to honor the Red Sox :-) I actually stole the idea from a wedding guest at my father's second wedding in 1989. The videographer comes around to this guy and they all talk to the camera "I'm so happy for you blah blah blah." And at the end, he says "Red Socks Jeffrey, Red Sox." And the camera pans down to his red socks! I've loved it since I was a kid and always secretly hoped I would marry a Red Sox fan.
But people don't make red socks. They should! I think it's an awesome fashion statement. A hint of color. So I found some white tuxedo socks on eBay and then dyed the crap out of them in my kitchen sink. I also dyed the sink and my middle finger.
The groomsmen don't know they're rocking them yet, and I hope they'll rock them hard. And if they don't want to, I don't care. This is my wedding and they'll do what I tell them to do.

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