Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Chocolate Bars

They've long been packed away in the wall o'boxes, but I found a photo!

I made these for the Rehearsal Dinner. We had all these photos and no where to put them. So why not on chocolate!

I bought the giant Hershey bars at Ralphs when they went on crazy sale after the holidays. One wrapper off, a little double-sided tape, and they were done! Although, it was at this point that Chris decided I had completely gone over board with this wedding stuff. Or was it with the water bottles? Perhaps I have gone completely off my rocker...

They'll just be hanging out at the Rehearsal Dinner, on a table or something. Each one is a different photo, half of Chris and half of me. I think our guests will get a kick out them! And who can turn down chocolate?

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