Tuesday, January 8, 2008


... all of a sudden. Out of know where. I am utterly and totally overwhelmed. Chris has a theory that for the last 15 months this has been my/our wedding. The details and the set-up and the behind the scenes stuff has only been ours. Now, other people are getting invovled and they are messing up my flow. It's not our event anymore, it's everyone's. Perhaps it is selfish to want everything to go my way... there are other feelings and people and ideas to contend with now. I feel like I've done a pretty decent job at thinking about how others will feel and what they will need. But you can never really know until you're in it I guess.

So now everything about the wedding seems to jump on me. The menus that haven't been printed. The changes that need to be accomodated. Does everyone know that there are two vendor meal times? Did I remember to set up the brunch caterer? The programs that need to be wired together.

And sitting at work trying to focus on work stuff is NOT helping. It makes me think of the tiny ends that need to be sewn up at home. booooooooo.

Eloping is suddenly looking really lovely.

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