Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Passionate People

I want to write a reality/documentary show about passionate people. Like this guy..

This man is passionate about his hats. He loves them and realizes that each one is a work of art! He works at Baron Hats in Burbank and was probably the most helpful person I’ve ever met. Plus, he wears cool hats.

All of our groomsmen are wearing fedoras for picture time

I bought them on the corner of Hollywood and Highland from one of those kiosk guys. Then dressed them up with some ribbon (with careful guidance from Janice... THANK YOU!) and feathers. All in all, I'm pretty excited with how they turned out!

But Chris has a giant head and the cheapo hat wasn’t going to do the trick. He needed a fancy hat. Plus, he’s the groom. So he gets a fancy hat. Gunner hooked us up with this beauty

He added all kinds of fancy stuff! The feather is situated just the right way. It's different for a serious guy, or a kidder. Chris got the kidder version. The pin is a Chicago Pin... made famous by Al Capones' seamstress. Back in the mafia day they were real diamonds or pearls and signified how rich you were. The white band is a Chicago Strap (or Chicago something else, I can't remember). Another of Al Capones' tricks. It unhooks and connects the hat to his jacket, so it doesn't blow away in the wind. Al Capone was apparently quite influential to the hat market.

We loved it so much, that we went back two days later and bought another one for Chris’ big headed Daddy! He got his enormous hat holder from his poppy.

In other news, I love celebrities. Life&Style is my guilty pleasure. I’m not so much for all of their personal lives and whatnot, but I love what they’re wearing and hair and etc. And I get giggly when I see one. It's one of the reasons I love living in LA.

So we’re talking to this guy. He seems nice enough. Has a broken foot, which brought up the conversation. Apparently he broke it while running back to his car after tagging the freeway. Nice. It went kind of like this

Chris: Oh, where can we see your work.
Guy: I work in a studio.
Me and Chris: ::Confused::
Chris: What do you do?
Guy: Oh, I’m in the Black Eyed Peas.
Me: ::WHA!?::

It was Will.I.Am!!! I almost blurted out that I wanted to use “I Got It From My Momma” in our Rehearsal Dinner video, but Chris vetoed me! He was a super nice guy who is also passionate about his hats. All around, I think hats are a good choice.

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