Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We're trying new things. There's this Indian place around the corner that Chris has been dying to try since we moved here two years ago. I've always had an excuse. Why? Hell if I know. There was something odd about it. I didn't want to go.

But, as we were riding around last night, he convinced me to head in. It was actually a bribe. I could go to Eat My Cupcake if he could go to Salomi.

Salomi was GOOD. The beer tasted amazing, with an aftertaste of flowers. Lucious amazing flowers. There were bread choices galore. And I heart bread. We opted for the leavened bread stuffed with mint. This whole idea blew my mind. STUFFED with mint. What would that even taste like!? I imagined a french roll with sprig upon sprig of mint. I was wrong... it was more pitaesque with a tiny bit of mint. Stuffed was the wrong word choice there. Still, gooood! The chicken was in some sauce that was awesomeness. I should really try to remember the names of things.

Anyway, Salomi is next to a kick boxing gym. We giggled for half the meal about this guy.

I'm still debating if he was perving, or if he knew someone there. It's funnier if he was perving. And made even better because he was doing his own little jig out there in the alley.


Diabolina said...

definitely perving.

what a great photo.

love love love indian mint bread.

glad you are stepping outside the comfort zone. AND using cupcakes as a bargaining chip.

csunsweetie said...

A girl in my class tonight brought some Indian food tonight, Samosa's? I think they were called. Extremely delicious!

I love people who bring food to class :o)

xo Colleen said...

Clay Oven in SO is good too (right across from the old LaReina theatre and Coldstones, so down the block from Lena's). I'll have to try Salomi's and the Noho cc place you mentd. Good to know another local blogger who loves cc's.

Ms Dragonfly said...

i LOVE Indian food! god's gift to humanity :)