Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baking: Hamantaschen, Round 2

I am going to make these cookies look beautiful if it kills me.

They taste so amazingly delicious that it's sad they look so disgusting.

We went to Canter's Deli last week and I tried some of theirs. Mine totally taste better, which is weird to say about an institution like Canter's. And I feel wrong for saying it. But their version is dry and crusty and mine have a hint of orange. I totally win.

The Canters version does look really cute though. Almost a totally enveloped jelly center. Very little jelly peeks through. Perhaps that is the trick.

I tried thicker dough, less jelly, more overlapping twist.

I got one good one. OK, maybe two if you stretch. Hard.

Who's up for eating ANOTHER batch?


Janice said...

They tasted fantastic and most of them looked very pretty! Ask Martha, she will know what to do:(

I think you need to make more for the next gathering and use all of us as guinea pigs!

Jen said...

May i suggest? I saw the last time you made them that you were using your stand mixer with the wire whip attachment. Unless the recipe specifically calls for the whip, it would probably make more solid dough if you used the creamer (paddle) attachment. The whip is really for making icings and other things that you need to incorporate air for...i think you may have made the dough too airy so it didn't rise enough. I've used my mixer to make several types of cookies and cakes, and the only time i've used the whip was for making icing. when in doubt use the paddle! (this is my motto.)

this message brought to you by the Johnson & Whales culinary school Chef's Choice classes that i take on Saturdays sometimes :)

If they taste delicious, that's really the important thing. one should never judge a cookie by its outer crust. :)


csunsweetie said...

Definately bring some to the next gathering!!!

I love reading about all your baking. Since I do not bake, I will continue to live vicariously through you :o)

Diabolina said...

um, seriously. FEED ME!

Wendy said...

Hee hee...they look like little uteruses! But damn tasty ones at that!