Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ridiculous Movies

Good kid gone terribly wrong heads to the other side of the tracks to turn his life around while finding love, himself and a new outlook on life.

I adore this genre. Drumline is seriously one of my most favorite movies. The last scene always makes me so excited as the drumlines go toe to toe on the field and sticks fly. It makes me jump up and cheer.

Chris HATES these movies. I'll admit, the plot is usually dumb and the acting is TERRIBLE, but there's something so fantastic about a character leading a better life for themselves.

Last time he travelled, I moved Stomp the Yard to the top of our Netflix Queue. I was dissapointed. They tried too hard and ruined what could potential be an excellent bad movie. Too much with the cinematography, the story was never really developed, blah. But the dancing was excellent. I wish I could dance. Unfortunately for me I have two left feet and the rhythm of a drunk squirrel. I drive by Millenium Dance Studios almost everyday, seeing the cool kids in their ridiculous outfits heading to class. I must also admit that I have a love/hate relationship with dance outfits. Love in the fact that I don't really understand them and they intrigue me. Hate in the fact that they're so absurdly ridiculous and over the top that they seem a logistic nightmare.

Last night Step Up arrived in my mail box! MUCH better than Stomp the Yard. Quite the Save the Last Dance feel to it. Excellent dancing, horrible acting, a feel good story that makes me cry. Those movies get me everytime. Totally predictable, but I literally began to clap, by myself, in the living room, when they finished the Senior Showcase. Then I realized how ridiculous I was.


jane said...

You and I are movie soul mates. Except I think Stomp the Yard is the end all and be all of this genre. Probably because I secretly love Chris Brown.

Anne K. in L.A. said...

I am worse than you. I enjoy Teeny Bop romantic comedies. I watch them as soon as Rob goes out of town.

Diabolina said...

you are my kind of nerd for posting this.

while i do not share your proclivity for redic movies, i appreciate your heart for hearting the human triumph of it all.