Friday, April 11, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Did you know that it was mid-April already?! Holy crap.

Chris is gone. Again. But only for four days this time. He's in Norfolk VA on a military base. They're filming a casting special on the USS something-or-other and he's stuck on base for his entire visit. Can't leave stuck. I'm looking forward to this time without him. Four days of alone time is blissful. I just start to really miss him and then he comes home! These two and three week jaunts are getting tiresome. It takes 14 repetitions to get into the habit of doing something. So, 14 days and I'm in my own rotation, doing my own thing. Then he comes home and I get all out of whack. By the time we're back in sync again, he's gone! Must work on this.

He sends me pictures of where he is while he's gone. It helps in keeping us connected I think... me seeing what he's experiencing. Most of the pictures are so utterly ridiculous that I laugh out loud in my cubicle. If the picture isn't laughable, his comments are.

"Nor is forkin' beautiful"

In other news, I've decided where I want to take my life! Surprisingly, this blog helped me to get there and I'm so excited! It's going to be a while to get me up and going, but it's going to happen because I'm too stubborn to not let it happen. I get that from my Dad's side of the family, the stubborness. It's an excellent quality when used in the right capacity. Yet, I digress. So, I've been working hard and getting ready. I want everything to be perfect before I unveil my plan :-) Currently I yell at my computer frequently in an effort to make it do what I want it to do. Perhaps this was not the most excellent time to move from PC to Mac.

A super happy weekend (finally!) to all! I'll be babysitting my office all day Saturday which will be a thriller for me. Boo. Sunday will be full of productivity. Well, hopefully it will.


Anne K. in L.A. said...

Woohoo! Chris is my hood! Hahahaha... Tell your hubs that he got a nice shot of my hometown;)

Diabolina said...

tell me tell me what you wanna do with your life. YAY!