Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google Analytics

... kind of makes me feel like a stalk myself. But its kind of super cool at the same time.

I just installed it a few days ago. Part of the "tackle technology" part of my Jordana Project. I did it all by myself (with the help of a handful of blogs walking me through it step by step plus the google directions). Yeah, I suck at technology. I'm getting better and I continue to remind myself that this is what counts.

So, I'm writing about it today, mostly because I just laughed out loud in cubicle. The kind of laugh that if I'd been mid-drink, water would have spurted out all over my screen. And perhaps through my nose.

There's a section that has key words and tells you how people came to your site from google. I got a recent hit when someone googled "my bum hurts on my new bike."


Wendy said...

LOL...this post made me giggle! I hope your blog helped the poor soul with sore tushie.

Diabolina said...

hilarious! i ranked #1 for a google search on patriotic stripper sandals. gotta love the google algorithm!