Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Updates

So, I've been bad at the Jordana Project. Real bad. But, I do have some updates. Bullet style due to the sheer ridiculousness of my life these days.

- Body - I'm not going to the gym like a good girl should. I have no motivation to go. Blah. Perhaps getting myself into another giant gown would do the trick. Renewal of the vows?

- Body & Love & City- I bought a bike! I took pictures of him yesterday and will post soon. Chris' dad sent out his bike a few weeks ago, so obviously I had to have one so that we could bond and whatnot. We headed out to Target and Chris wanted me to buy the pink/purple/fuschia disaster area of a childs bicycle because obviously I am too small for the grown up bike. (I almost fell off of it and into the Barbie display.) I refused. This pink girl is all grown up. So we headed to Costco. I was too small for their lady bikes too. But the black beach cruiser with the fancy white lines was perfection when at it's smallest size and on my tippie toes. I do feel slightly ghetto fabulous though. We've been spending time on the road instead of at the gym. The city really is different when seen from a bike. I'm really enjoying it. There's just one small exercise issue. We're out, riding, and I get hungry. So we go eat. Then I get fat. Should ride more, eat less.

- Photography - I'm taking a class at SMC. Love. It. My professor has straight espresso running through his veins. He's interesting and excited. I'm learning tons. I was slightly concerned about the drive. But since I adore my car, I'm enjoying my time in it. The 5 minute commute in the morning just doesn't quite do it for me :-)

- Friends - When Chris traveled a lot we never spent time with friends together. I pushed all of the friend time into spurts between Chris' trips. The time that he was here was too precious to add all these people into it! But, now that he's home more regularly, we're spending time with other people. I like it. But now, when do I do the stuff at home that I'm supposed to do! The cleaning. The bill paying. The ick side of being a real person? I think I should hire someone to do that.

- Cooking - haven't done it. Chris is home. He does it. Should be a better wife. Will remember that.

- Baking - I made a cake this past weekend. One from Smitten Kitchen. Totally screwed it up. Couldn't get it out of the pan. So I broke it into pieces to get it out. When I iced it, it turned into a giant cluster. So, I slid the entire thing into a bowl, mushed it up and called it Cake Pudding. It wasn't so bad :-)

- City - we've been doing more. Lots of games recently. There was the Red Sox/Dodgers game at the Coliseum. Go Sox! Paid 3 times face value, but the look on Chris' face when I gave htem to him was worth every penny. I heart making him light up. Mark took us to a Galaxy Game on Saturday. I'd never been and it was AWESOME. Soccer might be my new favorite.

I'm missing the Jordana Project. Need to get to work on that.


jane said...

Projects are tough. That's why I eat ice cream.

AliGoesBlogWild said...

Welcome back Project! I've missed you! May you inspire me to ditch the microwave and cook things.

Anne K. in L.A. said...

I am in the same boat when it comes to trying to juggle friends, my husband and doing real people stuff like cleaning the house, et al. I know clever gal that you are will figure it all out. I, on the other hand, will cluelessly trudge along.