Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eat My Cupcake

NoHo has a new cupcakery!

I've had my eyes on that place since the Halloween store closed (WOOO, who the hell needs a halloween store 365 days a year?!) and I knew something fabulous would go in. It just had to be fabulous. Because the area has to become more fabulous (so I can get some equity back. Is that selfish?)

We'd walk by and I watched their progress with hawkesque attention to detail. They were painting and hanging chandaliers and making it all adorable.

Then the sign went up.

"Eat My Cupcake"

WOOOOO cupcakes within walking distance! And they had to be good, right? In such a cute place, right?

Sadly adorableness does not equal tastiness.

We tried the strawberry one. The cake was dry and airy. I like moist and dense. The icing kind of flavorless. All in all, not so much happy with our new addition to the 'hood. Fingers crossed that Eat My Cupcake is just going through some growing pains that all will be fabulous in a short while. Because, this girl needs some excellent sugar around the corner.


Diabolina said...

boo boo boo.

i just inhaled TWO sprinkles yesterday and will go to my death bed saying they are the best.

- a pig

Anne K. in L.A. said...

I always feel cheated when a cupcake looks pretty, but is dry and tasteless. Go to Leda's Bakeshop. It's in your neck of the woods. You won't be disappointed.