Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trashing My Dress

I find it odd that I have gained 8ish pounds, but when I put on my dress for our Trash the Dress session with Crissy Farah, it was too big! How is this possible?

No matter, we had such a good time. Crissy and her husband/sun slave were so much fun to hang out with in a beautiful field in Palos Verdes. The light was perfect. The flowers were beautiful. The sky was stunning.

Can I have a photo shoot once a month, every month?


Darci said...

OMG, amazing!!

AliGoesBlogWild said...

ya'll are hotness. Crissy is a genius and You and Mr.JordyPants are supermodels. Ridic!

Diabolina said...

dying. these are so stunning!!!!


what a gift to have these shots of the two of you young and beautiful and in love!


Katching said...

oh wow.. great pics :)

i stumbled upon your blog from ann in l.a.

just wondering where you shot your ttd pics :)