Thursday, April 24, 2008


It's not the first time my car has been broken into. And really, it's just been a better of time. My condo has had quite a few break ins recently. Just the garage, keying cars and breaking windows.

So, I'm running out to a breakfast meeting this morning and see the glass scattered all over the garage. A quick check into the back seat and I see a small box of votives that I never took out of the car after the wedding. It's open and a few votives had been smashed on the floor of the car and the garage. Angry, I still giggle at the image in my mind of a stupid robber thinking he got lucky, breaking a window to find votives from Ikea. Ha!

The Police Station. They tell me there was a rash of breakins last night, put me on hold, then tell me they'll call back. They do, which is a nice change.

The Insurance Company. I have a $500 deductible. The good news, the window will cost less than that! The bad news, it's all out of pocket.

The Window Company. They're heading out in a few hours to fix it. Excellent. I left Chris with the car so he can do all the yelling if the tint doesn't match. (Thank you sweetheart.)

The irony of the whole situation is that I'm the one who sends the emails begging people to remember to NEVER leave things in their cars. And I'm usually so good. Last night I slipped and left my gym bag in the backseat. Mostly in a self-inflicted guilt trip to only run upstairs, give Chris some cupcakes, and then head out to the gym. It was the cupcake that got me. Who goes to the gym after eating a decadent flourless chocolate cupcake? On my second attempt at heading to the office I realize that's what caught their eye. My canvas gym bag. With my iPod. Shit.

You know, that iPod really was too big for me anyway.


Jen said...

you should use this as an excuse to get a fancy pink ipod nano. i've been looking for an excuse to get one, but my existing ipod is less than two years old so i have yet to convince myself that the purchase of a new one is appropriate :)

Daniella Karinne said...

Sorry to hear about that Jordana. And in your nice new car too! Hope everything works out, and you get a new smaller iPod =)

csunsweetie said...

Bad robbers!! Too bad they're not engaged cuz they could have benefitted from some votives ;o)

Glad to hear you found the silver lining though!

ingrid said...

new ipod!

AliGoesBlogWild said...

This is exactly the reason why I don't work out.

ugh. sorry. icky feeling.

jane said...

I'm really sorry to hear about this. I'm sending ninja vibes to catch the thieves and beat them up.

VCBride2Be said...

Sorry to hear the bad news Jord. Hopefully they catch those punks!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry this happened. I hope the windows get fixed quick and you get yourself a new rockin ipod, maybe the ipod touch?

Diabolina said...



people suck.

working out is dangerous.