Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bike Basket

It's finally here! I ordered it from Unica, but it was on backorder. So I decided to order a second from SFMOMA. The second one showed up just days after I ordered it!

How freakin' adorable?! My only complaint... it's plastic. I believe I just made it up in my own head that it was metal. Assumed at that price point metal would be the obvious choice? Who knows. But it's a sturdy plastic. Which works well.

Sizing is perfect for a six pack and a cupcake box. Exercising is going to be so much better now :-)


Anonymous said...

This basket is adorable! It is super cute, definitely does a good job looking like faux metal. What a perfect addition to your bike.

Diabolina said...

"Sizing is perfect for a six pack and a cupcake box."

I like you. I like you alot ;)

Anne K. in L.A. said...

You're killing me with the cuteness factor.

I'd buy a bike basket... if I hadn't gotten conned into buying a hardcore racing cyclist bike. Think Lance Armstrong bike, but Baby Blue.

Janice said...

SO jealous! I was looking at that basket in black for my bike, but I just don't think it will fit right on my handlebars. So very sad, no beer runs for me:(