Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday January 19, 2008

Wow, it feels like a lifetime ago already. I look at our wedding pictures and it doesn't really seem like it was me. Like it was a good friend that I watched go through the steps of getting married. Odd, yes?

As a knottie, we make bios. Pictures, ideas, inspiration, reviews, etc. all in one place for the betterment of future knotties. Then, a married bio. The completion of it all in one wonderful page. If I had been faster, I could've just handed over the link when people asked "How was the wedding?" Alas, I procrastinated.

So, here it is. The completion of my knottie wedding duties. Done.


Diabolina said...

i love all of it. makes me want to get mawied. that's a big deal ;)


Anonymous said...

at last the married bio! love it, your wedding was gorgeous! And I think the use of your monogram everywhere was fabulous.

Kate of All Trades said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day! And I can definitely see the Hurrell influence in the photos. Super lovely!

AliGoesBlogWild said...

Crap, does this mean I have to make a married bio too? I hate bio making. I might hire you. You can put your logo on it.

ingrid said...

beautiful wedding and beautiful bio!